To err is human. (Seneca)

People make mistakes. This is a fact that applies not only to cognitive processes such as solving a complicated math problem: in our daily actions and the evaluation of the same, we can sometimes be quite wrong. “After the four glasses of beer, I’m still 1A-roadworthy!” “A few euros less on the tax return, forget? – Doing others yes, is not it a crime, right? “Good, if the bad conscience the next day is enough to recognize their own mistake and to act differently in the future.

Charge – and then?

Sometimes, however, the reflection comes only when threatened by the misconduct already legal consequences. Tax evasion allegations? Display for drunk driving? In addition to unpleasant fines can then, for example, the loss of driving license or even imprisonment, which endanger not only the professional, but also the private existence – partnership, family, friends -. Especially then it is important to get reliable legal assistance with a law firm like ZIMMERMANN KALINER in Berlin.

When criminal law takes effect

The German criminal law is wide field: It is applied to offenses, which represent a particularly socially harmful behavior at the discretion of the legislature and therefore must be sanctioned by a penalty. Criminal law should serve to protect legal interests such as life, health and property and to guarantee the development of the individual as well as the functioning of the state system on the basis of these rights. If you drive a car drunk, you endanger the health and lives of others, and those who evade taxes endanger the balance of the state: both offenses can therefore have criminal consequences. Whosoever drowns another without intervening does not really act, but his so-called “omission act” has just as much criminal relevance as the active endangerment of the health of others.

Areas of criminal law

Criminal law covers those areas in which a mis- take particularly jeopardizes the rights of third parties. These are, on the one hand, cases in which the lives and well-being of others are at risk, such as assaults on bodily harm or homicides, deprivation of liberty, trespassing or failure to provide assistance, and secondly, offenses against assets such as theft or robbery. Business Criminal Law punishes cases of fraud, infidelity and the much-publicized tax evasion, as well as IT offenses and theft of intellectual property. Violations of the Narcotics Act, such as the possession or sale of drugs, are prosecuted in the drug criminal law, while the traffic criminal law intervenes in case of drunk driving or driving.

What we do

Who becomes the subject of criminal prosecution, is always exposed to a great personal burden. If painful fines or even imprisonment, driving license withdrawal or blocking as a management threatened because of bankruptcy, in any case, legal support is needed. Since punishment weighs heavily and in a constitutional state can only ever be the ultima ratio for an offense, it is important to exhaust all legal options in order to achieve the best possible result for you as the accused. In this service, we introduce ourselves as lawyers of the law firm ZIMMERMANN KALINER with our entire commitment. We advise you in disputes with authorities and police and offer a competent and conscientious representation in court.

Cross border tax offense

Especially in tax law, the boundaries between legitimate tax structuring options and punishable tax manipulation are often fluid. It is therefore worthwhile for you as an entrepreneur to undergo a legal examination and advice at an early stage in order to anticipate the tax investigation. Here, too, ZIMMERMANN KALINER lawyers make their concentrated legal know-how available to you. We also offer our support in conducting self-reports for tax evasion.

Victim representation and representation for co-plaintiffs

Of course, legal counseling is not only available to defendants, but also serves to assist victims of a crime. Therefore, as lawyers of the law firm ZIMMERMANN KALINER, we are particularly concerned to advise people in the role of victims or co-plaintiffs and to represent them in court. We help them to leave their passive position, actively participate in the proceedings and influence their outcome.

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