Don‘ t cry! Work! (Reinald Goetz)

Work is an essential aspect of our lives. In order to secure the financial existence, we spend a lot of time at work. It is important that the working conditions are according to the law, because that’s the only way we perform good at our job. But work is not just about earning a living, it’s also part of our identity: Whether it’s an employer or an employee, most people value their work and define themselves through what they do. Safety and success at work therefore have not only economic significance, but also contribute significantly to the overall well-being.

For the law firm ZIMMERMANN KALINER legal security and satisfaction of their clients in all aspects of the professional life are at the center of the efforts. As lawyers for employment law, we devote ourselves to your concerns with legal competence and personal commitment. Our know-how helps you to move through your world of work safely and strengthened.

Your needs as an employer

Anyone who founds or manages a business bears responsibility towards their own business and the people who work for them. Creating something useful, generating and securing jobs and keeping up economically is a difficult task, and as an entrepreneur you sometimes struggle with in-house difficulties. These can lead to endangerment and even the preservation of the company. In the case of staffing problems of an individual or collective nature, when dismissals have to be pronounced or collectively agreed demands are unsustainable, employers need the right employment law support. Only in this way can measures be enforced that secure the company and thus the well-being of all employees.

Help with job advertisements or the drafting of employment contracts from an employer perspective is also an important field of our advice. We help company founders and owners write job postings that meet their company-specific needs and do not provide a target for discrimination. Once you’ve found the best people, we’ll help you formulate employment contracts that can guarantee you and your staff a crisis-proof collaboration. We show you ways to involve your employees in the success of the company and help you to make working models modern and legally secure. With non-competition clauses and non-disclosure agreements as core elements of modern employment contracts, you can ensure that your knowledge stays in the company and does not reach the competitor.

If you have any questions about bonus or bonus schemes, employee participation, company car use or competition protection, in the formulation of employment contracts, warnings and terminations: The lawyers of the law firm ZIMMERMANN KALINER advise you in all business matters and find ways and solutions together with you.

We know both sides: legal security for employees

For work to become a fulfilling part of life for employees, the right course must be set from the very beginning. If a new employment relationship begins with the signing of an employment contract, it should be subjected to a detailed examination before the signature. At this point, professional help is often required: Vacation entitlement, notice periods, special payments – with the trained eye of the lawyer, the conditions can be analyzed exactly. It is becoming more and more important in the present time to clarify questions about maternity protection, parental leave or part-time employment in advance: If you do not want to find your own happiness in work but also start a family, you need to know how the long-term compatibility of both Areas is ordered.

As an expert in labor law in Berlin, the law firm ZIMMERMANN KALINER specializes in the drafting and review of employment contracts – also from an employee perspective. We are happy to help you to clarify and adapt formulations. After all, not everything that sounds good represents a real advantage for you as an employee. It is also important not to rely on verbal agreements: Those who want to be on the safe side must be able to regain their rights in printed form in the contract. Only in this way is it guaranteed that there can be no bad awakening in everyday working life.

If there are problems: personal liability, bullying, warning, new beginning

Even with the greatest efforts, problems in working life can never be completely ruled out. Anger with the boss, overachieving colleagues, a bad order situation: There are many reasons why the enjoyment of work can be severely impaired. Also, the concern about personal liability, unclear royalty regulations or ambiguous vesting clauses make it difficult for many to work everyday.

Anyone who feels victimized by bullying, who is warned and who even threatens to be dismissed, is having a hard time in professional life: A reliable legal partner will continue to help here. Anyone who is personally liable for activities that he carries out for his employer also urgently needs legal support. As specialist lawyers for employment law in Berlin, we advise and represent our clients competently in all matters relating to employee participation, personal liability, warnings and dismissals and assist them in the event of workplace bullying or discrimination. Not every warning is justified, not every notice must be accepted, not every contract clause applies. Many forms of personal exclusion, which always weigh heavily in psychological terms, can be punished by legal means.

But even if an employment relationship actually comes to an end, it is important to know your own rights and to be able to start with good cards into the new professional future. We are happy to provide you with exactly the expertise and experience needed to achieve the best possible results in case of cancellation and termination of the employment relationship. We take care of severance pay, compensation for employee inventions and copyrights and help you to get a good job certificate and to ward off possible demands of the employer.

Our performance for your rights.

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