Think global, act local. (Patrick Geddes)

Our work in the field of international commercial and trade law covers drafting and adapting contracts and general terms and conditions, providing legal support in transport and trading disputes as well as consulting on matters of finance. These services have become increasingly important in the context of cross-border transactions (INCOTERMS such as FOB, CIF, etc.) as well as in relation to the growing impact of embargoes and trade sanctions on international commerce and trade over the past years.

The lawyers at ZIMMERMANN KALINER consult international clients on import and export restrictions in the context of third countries. We focus in particular on the United States, Iran and the United Arab Emirates, examining and advising our clients on current and future investment possibilities.

We draft, negotiate and finalize international contracts and provide legal advice on the best financial handling of exports and credit operations, i.e. letters of credit.

When ever needed, we draw from our international network of lawyers, to ensure specific national legal requirements are always being met.

For expert legal advice in the field of International Business Law, please contact

RA Marcus Kaliner or RA Dirk Zimmermann.